Circuitry 17

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Circuitry by Overlap is an artwork consisting of twenty-four unique iterations.

There is a carousel effect experienced when looking at these artworks, designed to be displayed looping either singularly, or as sets. Branches and leaves, which initially appear to be traveling across the screen, are more transitional than sequential. What we see changes, but the informational aspect never increases. As if reflected in moving water, these landscapes create a feeling of durationlessness, a meditation on our relationship to the moment.

If photography captures a split second, painting as a genre has a different relationship to time: with incorporated moments, the plurality of focal planes, and ambiguities of scale. Circuitry's landscape paintings go further to add music as a dimension. The 32 bars of music consist of two versions: the even-numbered iterations have longer delays and are rounder and softened with extra layers and echoes. The imagery also follows these textural delineations, at times having a fabric quality, and at others, the studied romantic qualities of 19th-century landscape oils.


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