Forest Tree

With Forest Tree, Overlap present a moving interplay of images whose interactions are unfolded and explored. Image-frames are layered, several at once, and overlapped, which unhinges them from their visual permanence. The virtual space created is reminiscent less of a stage set than of a moving montage of vast open landscapes. As with Returning from the same series, Forest Tree is visually conditioned by black bands that interact with the recognisable forms framed by the shifting images. As panoramas interlock and separate, the viewer is presented with a window into a world of windows.

Branches become trees, solitary trees become a forest, foliage becomes a distant landscape. The scenery is explored through a series of perceptual keyholes more akin to candid memories than creative cinema, in an experience that is simultaneously romantic and analytical. In installation form Forest Tree is displayed in the round, as a 360 degree panorama of progressive images.


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