Grounds 32

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In the Grounds series, Overlap continues their exploration of the relationship between still and moving imagery within representations of landscapes. Their dreamscapes reference the multiple picture planes of Richard Dadds’ The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke. The Grounds series is created as 40 unique editions available on Sedition, accompanied by digital prints from Subject Matter.

In Grounds, a music of miniature melodies and drones augment aerial views, mazes of lichen, bursts of colour, lights patterning trees, decay and embers of fire. All the iterations converge at a single location with a universal audiovisual layer of blurred trees and white noise: a topiary of mannered landscape, a monochrome border.

In Overlap’s previous series, Lands, there is a mix of vistas taken from a middle distance. In Grounds, Overlap goes in closer into a dark subterranean and claustrophobic world. There is a sense of a heightened stillness of petrified trees and flattened nature that is more like tapestry than a living environment. Grounds combines the micro and macro, from lichen to tree tops that form impenetrable patterns creating a frame around a dwelling.

Alongside the 40 iterations from Sedition, Subject Matter releases four prints titled Grounds, printed on 350gsm 100% cotton Hahnemuhle Museum etching paper, numbered, signed and dated by the artists. To view and purchase the prints visit here.

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Grounds 32by Overlap

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