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Lands is a series of 40 unique iterations stemming from Overlap’s audiovisual body of work. In Lands, Overlap have created electronic landscapes that explore distance, movement and transitional spaces. English copses are blended with New World deserts creating multi-layered illusions of movement, complexity, and discrepancies that blur with multiple focal planes and voids. These mannered landscapes are at once romantic and analytical borrowing from the tradition of painting and print, however, they are constantly in motion, distilling and dissipating feelings and concepts as much as any real world location. This is imagery not of nature or the panoramic, but a slowly etched middle distance that forever slips away.

We all project memories and feelings onto our immediate surroundings. Through the mixing of imagery, the fleeting locations in Lands creates endless pictorial harmonics and a memory tinted landscape. Overlap's music also utilises transitional systems; slow sound loops weaving a feeling of suspension as much about transition and layering as individual motifs. Like a favourite walk, the repetition and variations give something to return to.
To create Lands, Overlap took short sequences of photos in various locations around the world including East Sussex, Bordeaux, San Diego and Riverside Counties, California. One frame was taken every ten paces, or every 30 degrees in a 360 pan. These stills were then animated and time stretched to create single movie sequences that were then overlaid on top of each other. This mixing of landscape references the process of the etchings of Rembrandt who reworked imagery on Hercules Seghers’ plates years after his death.

The Lands series of 40 individual artworks are available for sale on Sedition. Alongside these digital editions, the artists have created limited edition giclee prints of Lands which are available for purchase from the artist’s Bandcamp page. Read more and purchase prints here.
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