Lights 13

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Overlap's third set of unique Iterations, Lights, is ideally viewed in low light due to dark imagery.

Inspired by vastly different scales and patterns of man made impositions on our landscape: ghosts of utilities; power lines, imagined data paths; architectural plans; wiring diagrams; intimate blinking status LEDs and the theatre of car lights momentarily illuminating a landscape, Lights plays with diagrammatic impositions on nature.

Each three minute work features a unique combination of synthetic motifs synchronously imposed as a musical and architectural layer. Dark landscapes appear and are gone. Order and misalignment reference the symmetry and mess of man made structures, from randomly positioned utilities to the displayed 'privacy' of suburbia. The synchronous and asynchronous jockey for attention, as concurrent patterns arrive and fade out.

The unveiling and crescendo of narrative is contrasted by the implicit ambiguities of painting (movies v fine art). These works circle and repeat, their sequence and structure echoing the logic of perimeter lights and closed circuits - components in a larger Overlap project - an abstracted response to our built world's polycentric repetition of infrastructure and utilities, the backdrop for our sense of place and personal narrative.

Lights is the third set of iterations in a series of four. Lands and Grounds are available to view on Sedition, while Rooms, the final set, is to be released at the end of this year. These 160 iterations are being made alongside the development of audiovisual components for a future series of installations and AV Sets.

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