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Rooms is the fourth in Overlap's series of iterations released on Sedition. Alongside Lights, Grounds and Lands, Rooms has been developed for a series of installations and performances in an ongoing project focussed upon infinite variants of transitional landscapes and minimalist music.

Ideas of shelter are explored in Rooms. The repeated motifs of wallpaper and fabric are augmented by continuous movement and mixed back into the landscape; a veil-like floor and ceiling move, defying gravitational and structural limitations: an idealised architecture to contemplate within. Rooms merges the idea of the indoors and the outdoors, mixing decoration with representation of landscape - attempting to marry the luxurious comfort of our interior world with the yawning expanse of nature's domain.

Overlap's music is designed to transport imagery, not as a narrative, but as a trigger - a point of departure for the senses, and the aural counterpoint for the wallpaper and fabric motifs woven into the scenes. The juxtaposition of these man-made elements with natural scenes underscores their relationship to movement in film - the repeating pattern and never-ending length running parallel to infinite tracking shots, zooms and boundless horizons.

Overlap continue to explore the dialogue between still and moving imagery in relation to landscape representation. The four sets of iterations are both romantic and analytical, the unveiling and representational elements contrasted by the implicit ambiguities of painting (movies v fine art).

Overlap's process whilst VJ-ing and performing over the last twenty years has been primarily about creating a memory image burn effect - a 'painting'. This is a painting with a difference however - in scope and feel, we view it as a painting, and yet as the imagery blurs, merges and decays, very little of the work is static - these works circle and repeat.

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