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Overlap's Subtractives is a captivating audiovisual artwork that offers viewers an immersive and intense experience. Like a set of dominoes, the piece consists of a set of 28 unique iterations that use a system of adding sound-generated layers whilst removing compensatory volumes to create micro journeys. The result is a heightened feeling of intensity as the viewer is taken on a voyage through abstract textures in a lonely journey to double-blank.

The seven visual mixes add layers of depth and complexity to the artwork. The second number in the title of each iteration designates which visual mix it belongs to, while the first and second numbers indicate the musical sequence. The audiovisual pieces loop seamlessly, creating multiple visual and musical compositions. Each iteration comprises two musical parts, of 24 bars @ 100bpm, which combine to form 1'55" musical variants. The subtle musical additions in the doubles add to the overall composition and make it more dynamic and engaging. The artist has created a musical structure with quieter first halves, (lower numbers) building up to more intense sections, like (6).

This creates a fascinating interplay between the audio and visual elements of the artwork. The shared visuals provide a common thread throughout the piece, while the unique audio tracks create distinct moods and emotions.

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