In Overlap's Switch, a series of light switches come to life. Animated in an undefined space, the switches are tinted by a warm wash of transparent colours that change with the position of the control. A basic appliance is both anthropomorphised and rendered an alien being. An object whose familiarity causes it to disappear into the wall takes set centre stage and is revealed. Side-by-side these plastic frames and their switches have regimented forms and behave in a manner both regular and perpetually changing. The transition from on to off becomes a kind of dance which evolves and almost dissolves into loose elastic shapes melting over the screen. The fluidity of the image is matched by an increasingly complex soundtrack. There is an interplay between the original shapes of the switches and their multiplication; forms effectively melt into one another as though machines synchronizing their interchanging state.

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Switchby Overlap
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April 21, 2018
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