Diaphanous veils of lines and dots create a surface ambiguity through which silvered landscapes emerge. Imagery is both located on the veil, and glimpsed through it, the veil forming an intermediary layer shifting between fore, back and mid grounds. The view is unified by these additions but also obscured.

Increasing the mystery of what may be there, we try to complete the image in our minds eye, but continuous discreet developments across the screen confuse our earlier interpretation/s.

Veil is a more transitional 'painting', less sequential and linear, than Overlap's more VJ-ing inspired 'album' Folly (available on Sedition). Overlap reference works by Richard Dadd, Hercules Cegars and Albrecht Altdorfer; by mixing texture with scale, details become trees and vistas become patterns. Veil encourages feelings of being in nature rather than looking at a single representational image of landscape.

Veil is best enjoyed as a looping artwork rather than as a single-play or linear piece.


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