Apsu by Ozan Türkkan emerges as a captivating video installation, conceived in alignment with the Arura research project. It illuminates the mesmerizing world of Transitional Forms, intertwining biodiversity with the fractal geometries inherent in nature. Using AI and Creative Coding, Türkkan revives the timeless forms cataloged in the Biodiversity Heritage Library, allowing them to dance anew in the modern age.

Beyond the visual splendor, Apsu invites introspection on the continuum of life, drawing parallels between Transitional Forms in biology and the inexorable march of thoughts and ideas. Water, ever-present, serves as a muse, underscoring the bonds that weave through all life.


- Solo Exhibition in Zifergauz Digital Arts Centre, Saint Petersburg, August 10 - September 30, 2022

- Solo Exhibition, ArtON Gallery, Istanbul, 2022

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