Παλμοί / Pulses

Παλμοί / (Pulses) is part of the Παλμός (palmós) collection of generative audiovisual artworks by Pandelis Diamantides.

Meaning 'pulse', 'heartbeat' in Greek, Παλμός (palmós) is a triptych of generative audiovisual artworks by Pandelis Diamantides. The artworks contextualise the heart as a metaphor for emotion, and the notion of vibration as a connecting element between physical, biological, and social activity.

As a strategy of coping with the stress of social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, the artist observed and measured his own heartbeat and breath rhythm at regular intervals. By observing his own body reactions, becoming conscious of the connection between his own pulse and that of the world, the artist retained a feeling of togetherness during the continuous lockdowns.

Data collected from a single vibration, Παλμός α'(A vibration), a beating heart, Παλμός β' (A heartbeat), and the amount of movement of the crowd around a social point of interest, Παλμοί (Pulses), are used to navigate the parameters of bespoke software for artistic creation. The result is an audiovisual work that explores the universal experience of cardiac activity in response to thought, emotion, and movement.

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