Brain (White Version)

Rendered entirely in the colour blue, Brain (White Version) (2015) is a work that begins with what initially appears to be a scribble scratched onto a white void. As the work evolves, the scribble turns into an isolated, artificially animated organ. It is as though any trace of tissue or consistency of muscle has been replaced by a computer construct that holds this isolated organ ransom to the whims of an alien authority. Microscopic in detail, the artist threads an impressive elastic frame, made up of a vast network of razor sharp strokes, entirely over and around the brain. This imposing structure both emphasises and stifles the organ as it subtly turns on its axis. A whole matrix of protruding coloured threads tighten and become tensile around Haudressy’s reconstructed entity as this impressively rendered body part rotates very slightly while the obtruding mesh frame surrounding it causes alterations like a parasite attached to a host.

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Brain (White Version)by Pascal Haudressy

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