Lungs (White Version)

Lungs (White Version) (2015) sees Haudressy isolate the lungs from their adjacent organs in order to focus entirely on the body’s elastic air-sacs as they protract and pull back in on themselves tentatively, rhythmically and tenderly. As with his other works from the series, Haudressy creates an impossibly complex fibre frame that envelops the lungs within the digital space; they appear entangled in a coloured web that positively exaggerates their movements. White Lungs makes for a mesmerising animated image of these two isolated organs attached to a central spinal cord, engrossed by a layer of coloured thread that permeates the anatomical space like oxygen reconstructed as a wire mesh. Hauntingly delicate, the work seems to gently remind us that even our biological movements can be subject to technological intervention.

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Lungs (White Version)by Pascal Haudressy

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