For freelance artist and graphic designer Patrizia Fazzari, the creative process is not just a passion but a way of life. Her art is a sincere invitation to view the world through her unique perspective. Holding a Masters in Fashion Web Management from the prestigious Polimoda Fashion School, International Institute of Design and Marketing, she has devoted herself to the creation of beauty in all its complex manifestations. Unwilling to be pigeonholed as “just another photographer”, Patrizia establishes herself as a multi-faceted artist through photography, drawing, and the creation of digital art. Patrizia discovers inspiration in the spaces where binaries collide: the urban and natural worlds, landscape and architecture, light and shadow. In collaboration with the International ArtExpo, she displayed three pieces exploring the relationship between urban architecture and human presence through the use of light. The group exhibition LIQUID ROOMS - THE LABYRINTH was held in Venice at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi. Her career as a freelance artist began after specializing in Commercial Art at the Academy of Art and Design Leonetto Cappiello in Florence. Her work has appeared in the Italian Photographers Web Catalog (2015), and she has been a finalist in both the International Donkey Art Prize and SaturArte National Contemporary Art Competition. Patrizia’s authenticity invites you to let down your guard and stay awhile. For more information please visit:

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