Untethered is one of four works launched as part of Dark Light, a collection of new digitally augmented paintings by Paul Benney.

It is interesting to me that Benney’s studio works are often viewed and described as ‘otherworldly’ or ‘visionary’. If by that it is meant that they go beyond the prosaic of what we see everyday with our eyes in the limited space beyond our own noses; then I would agree. But these are not works that are placed somewhere else beyond our concern. Leonora Carrington once stated “The task of the right eye is to peer into the telescope, while the left eye peers into the microscope.” For me these works reveal on multiple levels a diverse state of existence. One where life and death co-exist. The inner and the outer. Matter and spirit. The known and the unknown. The past and the Future. And at the heart of them the illusion of the fixed in between state - The Present. Is that not a vivid representation of the rounded reality of the human condition or ‘Ouroborus’ " - Joseph Clarke.


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