Icy Sunset Scene One

The Icy Sunset Theatre
Audiovisual Artwork Duration 1 minute 45 seconds
Completed February 2022
Digital Video File 1920 by 1080 HD with Stereo Sound H264 Video Codec at 25 frames per second

Part of an ongoing series, originally designed as installations or components of future performances with live music.
As if a stage or an actual landscape , a solid city or a watery space, a foreign planet , a state of mind or a simple appreciation of colors forms and sounds.
Integration of digital and analog techniques and source in both sound and moving image.
Plays with interchanging negative and positive space and forms, compressed, cartesian, multiplane and seemingly impossible perspectives. Similarly the title indicates its acceptance of paradox, non-binary simultaneous strands of contradictions and simultaneous opposing forces within complex dynamic systems of nature and algorithms.


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