Paul Prudence

Wimbledon, United Kingdom

Talysis II

Talysis II, available here as an exclusive s[edition] version, is one of a series of artworks exploring the process of video feedback to create auto-catalytic self-generating artworks. Simple transformations of geometric form and colour, combined with a micro-tonal drone soundtrack, give rise to a subtle and unfolding meditation on the mathematics of recursion, symmetry and infinity.

Mimicking the classic analogue video feedback process, this software simulation creates unlimited complexity from an economy of means. A simple square shape is passed around a loop of connected renderers (virtual screens). Transformations of the square are applied to its conveyance resulting in a multitude of feedback forms, geometric tessellations and branching structures that reconfigure over time. The strict symmetries, quasi-hyperbolic surfaces and parabolic forms generated from this machine monologue allude to works from the Perceptual and Op-Artist movements of the 1960’s.

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