After Closer (Digital Edition)

Peter Saville is most famous for his work with Factory Records, the music label that represented iconic bands like Joy Division and New Order. His designs have been highly regarded, not only for their graphic sophistication and aesthetic, but because of Saville's ability to recontextualize images from one genre into another - epitomizing postmodern practice.

After Closer (Digital Edition) references the transition of the band Joy Division to New Order following the suicide of Joy Division's singer and songwriter Ian Curtis. It directly recalls the last album recorded by Joy Division, Closer, and originally was conceived as a limited edition screen print in 2011 for the Postmodernism exhibition held at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

In its digital format, After Closer (Digital Edition) highlights the historical narrative of the work even more: the black square in the centre of the composition represents the original cover-art for the Closer album by Joy Division. It is symbolically deleted and surrounded by two day-glo colour changing technical fields that frame the black centre. The inner field consistently catches up with the outer field's change in colour, and sometimes the two merge: as if New Order were forever more born from Joy Division, albeit eternally separate.

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After Closer (Digital Edition)by Peter Saville

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