Micro Voyager Two

Micro Voyager Two is a collection of six videos by Philip Clemo.

Philip Clemo revisits his phenomenal Micro Voyager series, creating imaginary planets on a microscopic scale. This time, Clemo gets in really close. He develops his mysterious cosmos using an assortment of inks, solvents, oils and household chemicals, in the tradition of 2001: A Space Odyssey & The Tree of Life. No digital effects were used in the making of these works.

The complex, multi-layered, sound-design includes NASA data recordings from Voyager One, currently 23.3 billion km from Earth, the farthest away human-made object.

Clemo released the Micro Voyager, a collection of 8 video artworks, in 2021 exploring his recurring theme of perception, ambiguity and abstraction.

Imagery and sound-design by Philip Clemo, violin Lizzie McConkey, thanks to NASA.

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