Philip Clemo is a UK-based multi-disciplinary artist, working in film, composition, sound-design and live performance. His work, described as “mesmerising” (The London Times) and “transcendent“(BBC), has been shown around the world, including at international film festivals and the V&A Museum and Eden Project in the UK.

In his visual work Clemo explores perception, abstraction and where the boundaries of familiarity begin to break down. He uses cutting-edge and novel technologies to capture imagery on scales from cosmic worlds in petri-dishes and extreme close-up motion-control journeys over human bodies to gyro-stabilised helicopter imagery of Icelandic geothermal fields.

Clemo has released six critically acclaimed albums, working with an outstanding group of musicians and creating complex soundworlds that explore form, improvisation, ambience, electronica and orchestration. His multi-sensory Breath Project, which he has presented in TEDx and TED talks in the UK and USA, explores our relationship with the diverse environments we inhabit. Breath, which has attracted the support of 5 UK universities and media industry leaders including Vision Research and Arri, utilises ground-breaking technologies to capture extraordinary imagery and soundscapes from the world all around us.

Clemo performs internationally with his Dream Maps band, interacting live with imagery from his Breath Project. He has presented talks about his practice at TEDX in the UK in 2017 and at TED in New York City in 2018.

Instagram - @philipclemo