The objective of Biogenesis is to evoke the big within the small. This is a reference from the hermeneutic principle of correspondence; as above so below, as below so above. Which alludes to the fractal nature of our universe, by which the microscopic is similar to the astronomic.
To replicate the macro in the micro allows new information processes or tools to comprehend the inner workings of the world.
The micro planets allude to the experiments of spontaneous generation of Luis Pasteur (spores, bacteria and other microscopic seeds); to observe how it develops and how external factors influence these processes. This to generate a metaphor, related to the theory of panspermia, which explains how life could migrate through the universe.
Biogenesis allows us to observe and register processes from inoculation, referred to as a form of grafting information into the system until the emergence of microorganisms and interconnected lifeforms
To grasp an understanding of how life arises, the artwork creates questions around philosophy; crossing between the relation to our environment, the interdependence of all matter and consciousness (micro and macro) and our role as spectator, among others.


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