The ecosynthesis concept refers to the introduction of different species to the environment with the intention of promoting conditions for life cycles to grow,
in this case, an ecosystem grown on 40mm diameter spheres in which a series of microorganisms thrive.
This alludes to the principle of correspondence in Hermetism:
'As above, so below; as below, so above."
Using this axiom, man can derive information corresponding to unknown planes.

The artwork starts with the development and construction of a high precision instrument to extend our senses. With this machine, I set out a way to look into the micro world with different eyes, a view without reference points; without being blinded by our self mental structures.

The growing of the astronomical object consists of a process of terraforming at a micro scale.
I cultivate these worlds in an automated system, which controls their direct environments, to potentiate the qualities necessary for life to thrive spontaneously.

The video registry is captured using a modified animation software to shot an hybrid timelapse in which the camera rotates in an orbit around this miniature celestial body.
In it can be appreciated different life system coexisting in the surface of this planet.

This artwork evokes the "the overview effect" which is an experience described by astronauts in orbit when looking back into the earth, easily confused by a spec of dust floating in eternity.
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