Deafened by the Noise of Time (Untitled III)

Deafened by the Noise of Time (Untitled III) is Pierce Warnecke's latest release, an exclusive video which uses music from a forthcoming album on Australian label Room40. The album is made up of 4 compositions, one with video.

Titled after Julian Barnes' novel The Noise of Time (itself borrowed from Jewish Russian poet Osip Mandelstam), Deafened by the Noise of Time is a speculative take on how sound might decay and disappear; a reflection on the unavoidable entropy and dislocation of all things over time.

... For these pieces I looked at Time as a continual burying of the present moment, leaving visible only small details of the 'now' (and the things within it) as echoes towards the future. - Pierce Warnecke

With Deafened by the Noise of Time, Pierce Warnecke undertakes a deep interrogation of sound, mirroring many of his approaches to visual materials, at the same time. Sound and vision are intertwined, and their togetherness provides new textures and a sonic journey. As one scene unfolds to another, the camera slowly focuses on rusty, burned or broken found objects. Through Warnecke's minimalistic approach and use of simple lightning, viewers may feel like taking a walk in their memories. He somehow reminds us of the memory of things even when they've changed in time or have become beyond recognition. Though the objects are burned, deficient or decayed, the memory of what it used to be seems to be existing.

Pierce Warnecke uses various different methods to reveal new densities, melodies and timbres from within his original source materials. As one musical gesture is passed on, and transformed to another, a new set of possibilities manifests themselves, creating a sense of endless unfolding.


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