Waves no. 17, 2020

After several viewing of this piece, the viewer will probably be able to discern certain elements of the real. But there will always be a large part of mystery in this dance that takes place on multiple levels. Created with light reflections, optical effects in this video are the result of the recording characteristics of the digital camera.

Musical suggestion for this sequence: This video will take a very different dimension if you look at it in combination with Minimal music or at the sound of House Music.

In the S’inventer des mondes serie, Pierre Blache uses video to creates fictional landscapes that oscillate between the representation of the genesis of the Universe and its apocalyptic end; between the unfathomable beauty of our planet and the anguish of the upheavals we have engendered.

To do so, he orchestrates improbable encounters between the scientific representation and its transposition in the art world. He captures short video footage, looking for hidden pieces of magic within the simplicity of things. Convinced that technology is only a tool and not an end in itself, he realizes video povera to counterbalance the celebration of digital. He brings to light the poetry of things without succumbing to the attraction of the virtual.


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