Raphaele Cohen-bacry

Los Angeles, CA
Raphaele was born and raised in Paris, France. As a child she was already attracted to drawing, painting and “making things” but she never entertained the idea she could become an artist before her mid twenties. As an adult she studied painting and engraving in various schools in France while completing her Doctorate in pharmacology and a degree in performing arts at l’Ecole de la Rue Blanche in Paris. She painted in her studio in Paris for several years, spending a few months in New York now and then to work with other artists and was told that Los Angeles was the place to be. Little did she know that she would move there. That was 14 years ago. The feeling of freedom and possibility has influenced her creation process greatly. Raphaele considers art as a personal quest and her studio as a laboratory where she conducts experiments to create images that do not exist in the real world. She developed her own style that carries deep roots in art history and at the same time is very relevant to our era. She was influenced by movements such as Cobra, Lyrical abstraction or Tachism as they leave room to intuition and non-premeditation. She has been showing her work for years in alternative spaces and professional galleries. This year in Los Angeles she had a 2-person show at the Mike Kelley Gallery-Beyond baroque, a group show at Fathom Gallery and a solo show at The Alliance Francaise. She also sells her work to corporations, hospitals,etc. www.raphaelecohenbacry.com