Aperture 2

Reena Saini Kallat’s animation Aperture 2 reads like a cinematic scene turned video game, where audiences are as likely to be captured by the slow and sentimental choreography of a flock of silhouetted birds coming to rest on the individual power lines, as they are by the abrasive gun-shot that disperses them. As the songbirds appear, they begin to morph into individual letters that transform the electrical cables into a lyrical statement. The work’s beauty resides in its evocative sounds and spirit that recreate a jarring cityscape, as nature poetically intervenes upon the industrial facade. Just as Kallat’s birds encircle the transmitters to eventually settle, the words “on the horizon the shadow speaks another story” are formed, before a marksman’s gun supersedes such sentiments. A sharp gunshot replaces birds with a single bullet that leaves us wondering what the artist is suggesting of the shadows in the sky.

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