"Art belongs in every nook and cranny of our existence. By painting on an electronic canvas, Renata Janiszewska allows the digitally connected to carry with them their own art gallery. Now, wherever you are, you can pull out your device and be refreshed, calmed, centred by Janiszewska's bright and beautiful works." Yann Martel, author

Visual artist Renata Janiszewska was born in London, England. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Toronto, and engaged in further studies in Experimental Art at the Ontario College of Art & Design University. The art of Renata Janiszewska comes out of a passion for line and colour. She has created dynamic works in diverse media, with a concentration on drawing. In 2010 she turned her practise toward the digital, and now paints almost exclusively on electronic canvas. She is a thinker and a dreamer in colour. Janiszewska lives in Toronto.