Mèrida- Venezuela
Free Thinker. Toribio (born April 4, 1975) is a Venezuelan Visual Artist who has stood out for his continuous study and mastery of expression and visual knowledge through painting, sculpture, installation and now his creativity operates with audiovisual media (video-art). The concept of his work has been focused on natural spaces; in the macro and microbiology, as well as in the ethnic aspects, building a bridge from the primitive to the contemporary and vice-versa. He studied Visual Arts at the Universidad de los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela and obtained a degree in 2008. The formation of Toribio Quintero has been completed with trips and experiences to cities such as Santa Marta (Colombia, 1994), Venezuelan Amazonia (1995), Milan, Parma, Venice (Italy, 1998); Paris (1998, France) and the amazing landscapes of the Merida moors. In relation to his most recent artwork belonging to the serie "Legendarias y Legendarios", year 2014-2018, it is a tribute to all the forms of life that have stood out in his proposals, is constituted by a series of paintings and sculptures influenced by Pre-Columbian art from a contemporary perspective. On the other hand, the serie "888 and 999", year 2015-2018, is an approximation to the virtual language of the arts with a transcendental message. Through the serie "NeuroIlustración", 2012-2018, Toribio considers that "the artwork is an archetype: both the past and the future come to the present, as the synapses of neurons.