Royal Priest

Irvine, United States
Royal Priest Art is a instrument for communication. Creative thinking, color theory, shapes, faces, words, and symbols write a narrative about what is happening in the world now. Remarkable art is created to dialog with the great masters of the past and present and to glorify GOD. All people have a capacity to be creative and should look for opportunities to create something everyday. Art changes life, causes one to think, and challenges the minds of young people. The art created here is meant to shape culture, engage youth, push limits, and empower the participant. This art must be viewed in order to be complete. The work tells a story of contemporary life, is deep, intelligent, elegant, and designed with excellence and high quality materials. Aaron Lee Harris creates under the title of Royal Priest, representing his connection to God as a servant and a leader. The purpose of the work is to promote creativity, engage in new relationships and believe in a better world.