Humbles Untitled

3'04” Full HD, sound
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Humbles Untitled (2016) is a part a work in progress project of photographic and video installation, this edition is was developed for sedition.

Calì's work, departs from his interaction as human being with the environment with creative gestures that are informed with care for the environmental context since being aware and interacting with the ecosystem is not only a physical action on a territory and environment but also a state of consciousness, a cultural and creative approach.

So far, in his artist practice, Calì bring the love for those elements of nature such as trees, flowers, prompts him to merge with them, profoundly aware that this is a form of dialogue with them as after all, his understand that the natural elements and human being are made of the same substance, atoms and energy.

In the case of the work "The Humbles" for example, a sort of epiphany occurs entering in close contact with the humble plants of the fields, typical of our traditional eating habits and the medicine of the poor. In this work, Calì try a sensitive experiment, a sort of portrait, to confer these plants memory and dignity. However, at the same time they welcome him in their space, conceptual and physical where Calì exchange their gift with his video and photo gestures


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