"Would you let this residue be a part of you"

“Layers and layers; one to another to another ; like one breath ; to another; to the other ; just like climbing a big tree ; turn back , nobody , ; no body. ”
- Samiha Khan

This work was produced as a part of my video performance with the use of two forms , my body and my personal bath tub.
Moving through events in my surrounding , each day ; documenting the happenings alongside my observations ; lead me to creating a certain narrative.By combining subtle movements of my body entrapped inside the bath tub symbolizes my entity inside the society of Pakistan that I am living in.
The girl sleeping calmly and softly inside the water, which in real cannot be possible due to our human body limits.This place is where as an artist I combine complex visual and dialogues to form my expression.Inspirations from correlations that i researched with films like "The Mirrors" , Roman Polanski 's "The Repulsion" alongside Robert Greene's 'The art of seduction'
The video also highlights aspects of survival in the society interms of birth and death ; and with the fact that how numb we have become to our surrondings.The key aspect of my practice remains with the idea that using personal powerful storyline with tangents over broader political and social context.

Video projection on screen measuring 30ft x 13ft
Originally as per the installation : 20 minutes on loop
Displayed at The Degree Show 2016 as a part of my project at Beaconhouse National University,

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