Daily Floral Drawings by Sean Martorana

Sean Martorana is an endless flow of creative output. Daily floral drawings could be done for fun, as a way to experiment or test materials and a way to warm up the mind, body and soul for productive days. Inspired by the realities of nature, each flower is given extreme creative liberty to use the original flower as a reference and allow the final piece a representation of the energy flowing through the artists fists.

These daily drawing sessions are filmed in a time-lapse technique and then collaged over themselves. Over the course of the films 3 minutes these flowers grow to a full garden. Each one unique providing different personalities throughout the piece.

Turned black and white and then inverted also adds an element of mystic to the film. These are a continuation from the original video captures but with these techniques this garden becomes a one of a kind piece in it's own.


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