Shane Mecklenburger is an artist exploring systems of exchange, value and investment. His work integrates sculpture, simulation, performance, romance, and video gaming. Mecklenburger: “Markets continually alter the definition and function of art. Like diamonds, art is conceived as a luxury commodity and a symbol of scarcity, emotion, investment, taste and labor. My work collaborates with these systems to explore what we value and how we value it.”

Mecklenburger’s work has exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Bitforms Gallery, NYC; the Queens Museum, NYC; Eyebeam, NYC; Hoxton Art Gallery, London; Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona; Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio; Columbus College of Art & Design, Ohio; Texas Woman’s University; The Übersee-Musuem, Bremen; Antena Gallery, Chicago; El Centro Cultural Paso Del Norte, Juarez, Mexico; The El Paso Museum of Art, Texas; and The Dallas Museum of Art, Texas. He received an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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