Peace Guard

Through its integration of design, popular culture and politics, Shephard Fairey’s art captures the essence of public consciousness. During the last American presidential election, Fairey’s Hope poster of Barack Obama became the visual emblem of a watershed moment in American history.

The artist is committed to creating work within the public sphere, and his use of familiar cultural iconography has a strong impact. Fairey creates reimagined propaganda style posters, in which he communicates his anti-war stance and dedication to fighting for peace.

Peace Guard was originally a collaboration with New York based photographer and film maker, Kai Regan. Here, we watch as the gun is fired and the rose at the tip of its barrel explodes. The petals fall slowly to the ground, and in an almost hopeful finale, the flower re-blooms. Working directly with the artist, Sedition brings you this exclusive limited edition.

Digital Edition of 5,000

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Peace Guardby Shepard Fairey

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