Mind Ink Painting Machine V2.0

This video was created on 19 Oct 2020 at 15:06 for 15minutes by contemporary ink artist Shih Yun Yeo. The artist is interested in the bringing forth the unseen (her brainwaves) to the visible world. She also loves the use of ink in her usual works and this video is meant to mimic black pigments moving in space, like the schools of fish in the ocean.

The process starts from the data flowing from brain-sensor device via web Bluetooth. The raw data is then transported to Touchdesigner via tcp (Transmission Control Protocol). The raw data is then processed in Touchdesigner and used as control data for the simulation network for the fluid simulation. Data from simulation is passed into a opengl (Open Graphics Library) render network to create the final digital black pigment paintings.

Yeo was inspired to create this work during the pandemic. During her free time in the lockdown, she was thinking a lot about technology… how technology is more important than ever in this pandemic times, how it become a part of our body, like our arm of leg, that we can’t live without it.

This is a brand new work and is part of the 'Mind Ink Painting Machine' series that started in June 2020.

This work is in collaboration with MAKE STUDIOS Singapore. The soundtrack is created by Andy Yang titled Black Oasis.


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