Fluid Body

British-Australian artist Sophie Kahn’s work Fluid Body (2014), is a computer simulation of the interaction between materials and elements - namely cloth swimming in water - in conjunction with a self portrait. Kahn used a 3D scan of her body and applied programming code to the data so as to make it simulate a printed floating piece of fabric with her image on it. The 3D animation is typical of Kahn’s practice, who addresses the resonance of death in the still image and the collisions of perceptions that arise when combining images of the human body with high tech imaging technology. With Fluid Body, the artist directly visualises the theme of death: the skeleton-like rendering of her own body in combination with the fragility of the simulated pulled and pushed cloth submerged in water reference mortality and the fleetingness of life directly.

Sophie Kahn lives and works in New York City.

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Fluid Bodyby Sophie Kahn

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