Sougwen Chung

New York, New York, United States

The Limitless, The Absolute

The Limitless, The Absolute, is a digital edition which forms part of Force Field, an ongoing project by New York based artist Sougwen Chung. The work is released alongside the 2017 Lunar New Year.

In The Limitless, The Absolute, Chung interprets the Bagua฀八卦; the eight Taoist trigrams that represent the principles of reality as organic, emotive and experiential environments. The correspondences between the eight interlocking concepts of the Bagua are used in Taoist cosmology to interpret and contemplate reality and existence. The patterns formed as the trigrams interrelate provide the conceptual logics used by the artist to create delicate, complex, shifting environments resembling ecosystems. The ambient musical track featured in the work is Stained Glass Body by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma.

In 2016, Chung was awarded Artist-In-Residence at Google and won an Excellence Award from Japan Media Arts Society for her work Drawing Operations. In 2017, she participates in a residency with the New Museum and Bell Labs.

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The Limitless, The Absoluteby Sougwen Chung

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