Spartak Dulic

Subotica, Province of Vojvodina, Serbia Determined by formal and media innovations, which emerged as results of scientific and technological progress, the contemporary art practice is partly evaluated and legitimated by the artist’s intention to, while creating new forms of communication, expose new forms of dissolving of the already existing frames. Expanding creating to different fields – from drawing, graphics, painting, sculpture, to more contemporary media, such as murals, video, installation and performance. Conceptual- methodological innovations are the basic movens of my work, which, thanks to its multimediality, ceases to function within visual art categories, and opens up a complex horizon of questions about structures, modes and even ethics of art production EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS Date of birth: 12/17/1970 1993-1998 Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, department of graphics ( Croatia ) WORK EXPERIENCE 2007... director of non- profit Gallery “ dr. Vinko Percic “ Subotica (Serbia) 2001 –’05. teacher of professional courses in School for Applied Arts, Design and Textile, Osijek, teaching drawing and painting. drawing design, advertisement drawing, script, illustration, plastic design, drawing technics. ( Croatia ) 2000 teacher of Art culture Primary School, Osijek (Croatia) 1999 Croatian Restoration Institute, Osijek, department of wood restoration 1998 Croatian Restoration Institute, Zagreb, department of mural art