Stanley Casselman

London, United Kingdom
American painter Stanley Casselman (b.1963) produces large scale works that are of vibrant colour and mesmerising abstraction. Casselman: "I orchestrate paint and light". Back-light acrylic painted fabric subtly changes in colour, the effect enhanced by the streaming light. It seems as if Cassleman constantly tries to capture the ethereal in a lucid form: "The who, what, where, why and how questions began for me in my childhood. Following these notions has pit me on a path embracing limitless thought and combined it with the deeply cathartic nature of the creative process I'm kept questioning, humbles and ever striving to embrace the unknown though the only place I find absolute logic: pure abstraction." The artist originally studied ceramics but changed to painting and graduated with a Bachelor of Art from Claremont, California, in 1985. He considers painting freedom opposed to working with ceramics, but he still uses the tools usually used to shape clay: spatulas, sponges, string. His paintings heavily reference some of Modern and Contemporary Art's Great: Gerhard Richter, and of recent Kusama or Rothko, to name a few. Casselman has had numerous solo shows including at Towerbrook Capital Partners, L.P., new York, 2012; Denice Roberge Gallery, Palm Desert, California, 2005; Johnson Fine Art, Los Angeles, 2003; A.C.E., Vienna, 1995; James White Gallery, Beverly Hills, 1995; and The Exhibition Space, Maurice-Heyman Fine Art, New York, 1986. The artist has also worked on film and theatre projects including the 1996 film Mind Games, produced by Josh Woodward. Stanley Casselman lives and works in New York.