Asanoha Pigmented Edition

Created: 2013-2014
Completed Render: 2014

Digital video based on 3D render.

A two minute looping video of the traditional pigmented edition of Asanoha, with a focus on geometric ambiance and colour.

Asanoha is one of the most famous patterns in traditional Japanese fabrics. Its geometric shape is frequently found in traditional woven work, and also found in more contemporary garments. Asanoha is a Japanese geometric pattern, a hexagonal abstraction of the ‘Asa’ plant’s leaves. The plant has been used since the Neolithic era, most commonly for the creation of fabrics and in religious ceremony.

The geometric, tessellating shape was transformed into a multi-layer three dimensional object by the artist, and animated with slow moving virtual spotlights, to create an ambient, tranquil artwork. As virtual shadows and highlights move around the frame, a selected range of colours appear.

The colour palette for this version was created by preparing a gradient made of traditional Japanese pigments. This selected colour spectrum was used to replace the simple light-to-dark shading of a 3D rendering, providing vivid colours to the artwork. The colours found in the rendering are then enhanced to create a more intense visual experience.


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