Semi-Diurnal Spaces (Concept Sketch)

We're excited to welcome London based artist duo Studio Above & Below's first artwork launch on Sedition. Semi-Diurnal Spaces is a computer generated artwork, that is also the concept sketch of the studio's large-scale real-time projection installation; Semi-Diurnal Spaces which makes use of local tidal and atmospheric data from the ocean of South Wales (UK) to influence a digital particle system.

Viewers are invited to experience a waterbody in a poetic, technological and telepresent way. This water body is influenced by the gravitational forces of the moon and weather conditions, impacting tidal water patterns twice a day, expressed through the reappearing half domes in the collectible piece. The project imagines several handfuls of tangible sand and could already surpass the digital particles, challenging digital spaces as a catalyst to connect with the real.

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