This is the profile of Pakistani emerging visual artist and textile designer Sophiya Zareen who is completely captivated by her emotions,thoughts,inner self and her surroundings.She was born on 22 may 1996 in Mirpurkhas , Sindh Pakistan.Her residence is in TandoAllahyar. She has completed her bachelors's in Textile Design from university of sindh jamshoro in 2018.She was fond of Art from her childhood.She used to her thoughts for creating the art.Introducing the modern and something unique style of art to the world is her aim. She has been worked on Art therapy for her final thesis. She has been participated in many art contests,Like IWS Albania, Triana 2019. Sophiya's art work is the reflection of her inner sou including her observation and creative thought in the form of painting and the other form of art. This self-thought artist mostly loves to express herself in the form of abstract. Playing with techniques and exploring mediums is the nobility of her work. Her sense of selection of colors is enough to mesmerize the witness of her work and this is why Zareen wants her art to work as a therapy just like it does for herself.