Are we nearly there?

Are we nearly there? 2020 Moving Image Ratio 1280x720 5 minutes Are we nearly there? Is a collaborative video work by Sally Stenton and Susie Olczak. Filmed simultaneously from two locations using video chat software, it was made in response to the impossibility of walking side by side during the 2020 UK lockdown. The work aims to push the boundaries of what it means to walk together. We set off on a walk, keeping a distance of 15 miles. We walk along each other’s path without knowing where it might lead or what it means to arrive. Time speeds up and decelerates in this disorientating pandemic parcel of time and the technology becomes an unpredictable choreographer in the dance of bodies and space. The fragments of conversation form the narrative path in the vacant space between walks. We play with unusual vertical perspectives, down is fast and up is slow. We challenge our natural pace. Experiences of time shift.
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