On Light: Water: Air

On Light: Water: Air This projection work is comprised of footage filmed about the consideration of light and the effects it can have in our urban spaces. In particular considering it whilst moving through transitory spaces, calling for us to stop and reflect on the details we see and to take notice of the world around us. This is represented with footage taken from details of materials in the studio and from documentation of interiors of buildings. Like in Saraceno’s work geometry and repetition is important, as is transparency and layers of light that moves around the space. The next elemental aspect of footage is water using footage taken in Venice during the summer. This section begins with water flooding into the room, it is turbulent and hard to control. This considers climate change and the dangers that we face in relation to water, in particular within urban spaces where a large percentage of the population lives. The abstract narrative ends with calmer waters, suggesting that there is hope in controlling the climate. It leads on to influences from the Palais de Tokyo using air, the footage is calm and more settled. The hope is that as with the light this creates a full circle that we can go back to a more hopeful future.
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