Tanja Vujinović is a new media, visual and sound artist who creates cybernetic artifacts and has exhibited new media artworks internationally for 25 years while exploring subjects of play, identity, and synthetic Other using virtual reality, digital sculpture, game engines, and electronic music. Deriving from her prominent and internationally successful visual art practice, and influenced by gaming culture, Tanja Vujinovic's unique sound appears amid her virtual worlds as futuristic electronic music. Her total works of art are whimsical, playful, deep techno soundscapes and imaginHer latest cycle of new media artworks called AvantGarden is all about nature and technology, exploring a variety of subjects like the fountain of youth or garden of Eden, emergence of synthetic materials or relationships in social VR spaces, and rave culture. Finding inspiration in words of her friends or in popular culture, she is also inspired by science - the science of nanostructured materials, plasma-treated water, fusion energy generation, or so-called Analog Field Sites located on Earth but made for space exploration tests. Her transcendental installations make us feel good, and in tune with our environment, while also inspiring us to think about ourselves, artificial intelligence, and non-human agents in the world.


2017 Universal objects Gallery of Science and Technology, Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, art+science Festival, CPN, Belgrade, RS
2011 Superohm Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2008 Supermono 2/3 Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2005 Dinamo Cankarjev dom, Small Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2003 Hardbody Gallery of Contemporary Arts Celje, Celje, SI
2001 Variola Vera / X projekt Open Graphic Studio, Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje, MK
2001 Edgeward Kulturni centar Beograda Gallery, Belgrade, RS
1999 Deadlock Kunstfabrik BBK, Wuppertal, DE