Love at the Edge of the Playspace

Love at the Edge of the Playspace is a virtual alchemy garden rich in foliage, flowers and sentient objects that soothe our senses. It is a virtual reality world dedicated to unity, closeness, love and intermediary devices.

Desire to connect is omnipresent throughout the Metaverse of agents that feed off each other in the collection. How does one connect with the world nowadays? Do we need intermediate agents to connect with the Other?

As a place of probabilities, in Félix Guattari’s words, “its chaosmic Universe can be constellated with […], vegetal, animal, cosmic or machinic…becomings”. Besides inter-human contact, we are now getting into relationships with some of these becomings and their amalgams. Actors in the networks of intense connections can appear in endless varieties of forms. The suspense of constantly building up desire to connect is the constant state of being in our hypernatural world.

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