Plasmonika is a digital video work released as part of the Metagarden collection by Tanja Vujinović.

Plasmonika is a synthetic well and an energy generator. This installation is derived from the collective imagination surrounding technology while being inspired with scientific research of fusion physics. It is a principal element of MetaGarden Sphere3, an environment of the possible, the actual, and their mutual interplay. The installation opens up a space for conceptual thought about the world of tomorrow in which our needs are met through technological processes with less negative impact and more in tune with the planet and human health. Fusion energy might be the real solution to many ailments of contemporary societies and a solution to many issues the human race is dealing with. Climate change, air pollution detrimental to human health and environmental damage are just a few among many crucial issues that might be addressed with meeting our energy needs through broad implementation of nuclear fusion energy generation.

Through Plasmonika, we are invited to freely imagine such achievements for the future and envision how powerful ideas that may sound like science fiction can come to life.

Sphere3 Plasmonika Sector was developed as an installation by Tanja Vujinović incorporating plastic, custom-made electronics, LED lights, plexiglass, plasma-treated water, metal, interactive VR and video work. The installation was commissioned by Finetuned Limited (curator Julian Weaver) and EUROfusion. Programming and 3D modelling are by Tanja Vujinović. Sound is by LUZ1E, Mihajlo Đorović and Tanja Vujinović. Executive production is by Tanja Vujinović and Jan Kušej. Produced by Ultramono, 2020.

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