Sector A

Sector A is a digital video work released as part of the Metagarden collection by Tanja Vujinović.

Sector A is a virtual futuristic garden and an ecosystem of imaginary real things. It contains small and large instruments-organisms: reactors, collectors, multi-functional capsules, synthetic plants, asteroids, and a central fountain for water treatment and energy production. It is inspired by analogous locations on Earth where simulations, rehearsals and explorations take place, such as Rio Tinto in Spain or Fields in Matis Island. In A Sector of the Sphere3, in addition to numerous digital machines that can be of molecular or gigantic dimensions, there are four asteroids (Eros, Mithra, Golevka, and Geographos). Elements appearing in this virtual space are collected from a variety of sources: three-dimensional models of asteroids, Earth sounds, videos, photographic and audio documentation from parks, as well as material recorded in nature around the world that abounds in the sounds of birds, water, insects, various animals and wind. Photogrammetry as a way of (approximating) digitization of the living, organic and physical was used in the process of collecting and digitizing a micro part of the world.

Due to their possibility of hitting Earth, asteroids are a great threat to humanity and life in general. Asteroids also give us great hope that in the near future we will be able to draw on an anticipated endless supply of metals, rare minerals, and water composing these flying planetary bodies moving in vast numbers across the universe. The mere thought that we could solve our development and economic problems by obtaining those essential natural elements that are slowly disappearing on Earth sounds like utopia. However improbable it may seem, major advances are under way in actual planning to obtain these needed resources right from those lone planetary bodies passing us by.

Sphere3 Sector A was developed as an installation including Virtual Reality and video elements by Tanja Vujinović. 3D modelling, programming are by Tanja Vujinović. Sound is by LUZ1E, Mihajlo Đorović and Tanja Vujinović. 3D models of asteroids (Eros, Geographos, Golevka, Mithra) courtesy of NASA. Production by Ultramono, 2020.


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