Another Sun

Terry Flaxton's new piece Another Sun is inspired by an inspirational journey to an island off the coast of Africa. Contemplating other people, other sentient creatures on other planets circling other suns, Flaxton began to write about these ideas and in so doing also recalled a poem by Arseni Tarkovsky, father of the Russian Film maker Andrei Tarkovsky. Arseni’s poem First Meetings speaks about a spring love affair which continues in normal poetic terms, but ending with a cataclysmic thought and in Another Sun, Flaxton wondered if the fate of others on other planets is the same fate as we humans have in store for us. Flaxton merged the end of his poem and the end of First Meetings and then used an Russian AI voice as the story teller, believing that the lives of others, their thoughts, their 'separateness' would best be addressed by a voice other than our own…

Another Sun is dedicated to Arseny Tarkovsky and his son, Andrei.

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