Arabesque - The Consciousness of the Least of All the Creatures

Arabesque - The Consciousness of the Least of All the Creatures is an audiovisual piece launched as part of the Immeasurable Heaven collection by Terry Flaxton. After the elements, materials and minerals and of course the lower life forms of plants appear, then come the animals that move around within the biomes that are created on the planets that are capable of sustaining life. Whatever epoch we live in we project onto the world metaphors derived from our thought processes - so in a computer age we see the brain as a computer, in an alchemical age we see consciousness as the gold that the alchemist seeks to change from its base elements into its angelic form. But what about the lower manifestations of animals - what is their consciousness like? The Hindus believe that Devas, angelic beings look after the plant kingdom - we know then as insects and often dismiss their importance to not only life, but the ecology that supports life. So this work is an attempt to depict the rhizome-like communication of the consciousness of the least of all the creatures we know of. Here it is depicted as a grand changeable and energetic web of huge intricacy - because when added together - so the Hindus say - the combined consciousness is greater than the greatest of the deities that reside in matter - and yet we experience the smaller part of this neural latticework simply as insect irritants that bother us. Slowly we begin to realise they are the tenders of nature that support us.

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